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Full Synopsis

Elmo was arrested?! You’ve seen them.  “Spiderman”, “Snow White”, “Darth Vader”--if you have been to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame you may even have taken a picture with them.  Who are these masked people who greet over 12 million visitors from around the world?  THE AMBASSADORS OF HOLLYWOOD is a verité look at these characters and their lives featuring both candid interviews and boulevard action.  While many are actors or extreme fans, some are homeless trying to earn enough through posing for tips to have a room for the night—or get their next fix.   This is not Disneyland, they are not paid by the city:  they are freelance operators and there are few regulations in place, so if you can think of it, it’s there.  Some of the characters have a high standard to which they hold themselves, but others come drunk or high to the boulevard and get into screaming matches with tourists over money or touching. Hugging a small child can quickly give way to a fight in the sometimes over 100 degree temperatures. Throw in the dynamics of racism and dreams deferred and you have a cracked lens look at the pursuit of the Hollywood Dream--magnified since they are all vying for the same tourists’ cash, in direct competition with each other for their bills, rent, child support, and pleasures.  Mix these tensions with new pressure of the revitalized business district and police trying to clean up the carnival atmosphere, and you get quite a compelling story.  Will this distinctly Hollywood “institution” survive?  You have to watch to find out.  Hilarious and poignant at the same time, this five-year-in-the-making, Bel Air and Santa Fe Independent Film Festival documentary selection is a  peek behind the mask, revealing their daily struggle for fame and fortune, one dollar at a time---capturing a humorous, inspirational, and sometimes disturbing snapshot of America and “the dream”.

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