LA Kickoff Screening

We are proud to show the film in Los Angeles September 27th at 7pm.  Come get warmed up with a music short video "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" also featuring the Characters.  Full Info Here.

Viral help, you CAN make a difference!

At the Bel Air screening we were honored by the comment “This film is going to break out just like THE COVE.  It’s a movie no one has heard of that is amazing!”  That will give a documentarian the tingles!  But we are a long way from that kind of attention. . . and the only way to get there is with your help.  “Elmo” says “Please!”, right after a nice long drag from his cigarette!  Viral market today!  Start with a Like on FB!  Then email your friends about the Amazon preorder.  If anyone knows or is willing to contact their local newspaper, web, TV or radio reviewers, please do and have them contact us on FB!  No market too small!

Bernard has a hard night

We feature Bernard as "Sponge Bob" in the film.  TMZ did a segment about how rough it can get down there.  Check it out!

Blog Launch!

This blog and the site refresh are to celebrate this month's North American Release!  Preorder on Amazon now!

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